Coaching is about personal growth and development, working through challenges in ministry. Coaches are responsible for guiding people by goal-setting, behaviour modification, and encouragement.

Coaching can be useful during a ministry transition, in establishing a new project, in facing a recurring challenge, or simply being more effective in the ministry.

The certified coach will allow an individual to open up to someone so that he/she does not have to live his/her ministry challenges alone.

The coach’s goal is to maintain a mutual relationship with the person who desires it. The relationship is gradual and one of trust and non-judgment.

This relationship involves an understanding of equality and an intentionality for growth. Coaching is a form of personal and confidential support within the context of ministry.

The coach will help the individual to move forward effectively in his/her ministry and to be accountable according to the action plan put in place.

The mentor, on the other hand, will go beyond the ministerial realm and will also explore the personal realm of the individual.

Coaching meets the objectives of our vision in the following ways:

► It contributes to the overall health of the Quebec District credential holders and leaders.
► It breaks the isolation so that no one feels like they are doing ministry alone.
► It provides personalized and adapted support so that each credential holder can be better equipped to face the realities of today’s life and ministry.

We exist to provide support, vision and training to leaders in our churches

and to facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel.