To provide support for pastors, leaders and those in charge of various ministries in our affiliated churches is essential for us. In order to enable each local church to reach its community, we seek to offer quality resources supervised by passionate leaders.

In the Province of Quebec, there are eleven Indigenous nations including ten First Nations and Inuit. Due to historical injustices and common societal problems, we are working with the First Nations in supporting their leaders in leadership and spiritual influence, as well as in their mentoring of current and emerging leaders.

We believe it is essential to see reconciliation between the Indigenous nations and the Church, to proclaim the Gospel in their communities, and to provide them with the necessary resources for growth.

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Children are an integral part of the local church and we are available to support pastors and leaders of Children’s Ministries.

We offer training for instructors, creative ideas for Children’s Ministries, and resources.

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The Men of Honor Ministry was formed with the desire to have every man in our assemblies become the man God wants them to be. Our aim is to provide the resources, support, and fellowship that will help men take their God-given places at home, in their churches, at work and in their communities. It is our fervent prayer to see Men’s Ministries functioning in all our churches so that men at the local level can encourage one another in all areas of their lives building deep friendships through their common faith.

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Women of Vision equips, inspires and activates women to become a source of influence. We create resources and events to help them recognize God’s deposit in them and that they be mobilized in God’s mission.

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Paradox is a provincial movement contributing to the development of youth that are passionate about Jesus, living in a paradoxical culture in society. Our priority is to train and equip the youth leaders of our province, as well as, to bring together Quebec’s teenagers and young adults so that they will be transformed by God’s presence, encouraged in their faith and equipped to fulfill God’s mission for their lives in order to reach their generation.

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We exist to provide support, vision and training to leaders in our churches

and to facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel.