Supporting our pastors and leaders is a priority for us in reflecting Christ in their leadership. We endeavour to provide quality and effective tools for growth in all aspects of life in ministry. We also provide a secure and healthy environment to grow. We offer:

Mentoring is an authentic, confidential relationship where there is an exchange of learning that promotes personal and professional development of the mentee and mentor with the goal of reaching their potential of their God-prepared destiny.

Coaching is about personal growth and development, working through challenges in ministry, etc.

Coaches are responsible for guiding people by goal-setting, behaviour modification, and encouragement.

The Revitalization Program is a one-year process giving opportunities to local churches to discover, discern and develop its strengths by learning from the past and envisioning a better future.

We want to see a multiplication of local churches in Quebec so that more people will be exposed to the Gospel.

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The District offers referrals to qualified counsellors providing help for credential workers who face various challenges in their personal and ministerial life.

We value support and care for our workers.

The District of Quebec is prepared to refer pastors to counsellors who are trained and qualified to deal with a variety of issues and life challenges in a therapy setting.

Couples therapy includes an intensive week (Monday to Friday) of sessions provided by Serving Along Side Ministry with Éric and Rachel Dufour.

We exist to provide support, vision and training to leaders in our churches

and to facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel.