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The Youth Mentoring Program, produced by the PAOC National Office and recognized as a practical credit for IBQ students, is an accomplished, high-quality program. Divided into four sessions over a one-year period, it involves online videos and meetings with an experienced mentor. This program will help you grow concretely in your leadership, develop your ministry canvas and skills, grow in character and better face the challenges of youth ministry.

Registrations are open:from November 13, 2023 to January 10, 2024

Program start date: Week of January 15 or 22, 2024 (depending on the chosen option)

Program end date: week of December 14, 2024

Price: $500 for the entire one-year program (regardless of chosen option)

If you have any questions, please write to the Paradox team: CLICK HERE

You have two choices for this program:

  1. Choose between a one-on-one mentoring option, or a small-group mentoring option (2-3 mentees and one individual meeting per session).
  2. Choose between an intensive program (five consecutive weeks per semester), or a bi-weekly program.

See the calendar below to understand how meetings will be scheduled in 2024.

What’s involved:

  • A commitment to viewing the videos, attending the meetings and actively participating in them
  • Transparency, integrity, authenticity, intentionality
  • Participation in the annual CONVERGENCE Youth Leaders Gathering – May 18-19, 2024
  • One year dedicated to the Program, non-refundable
  • It is also possible to obtain credits from the Institut Biblique du Québec (IBQ) for this training. You must first be registered as a student, and speak with academic dean David Martin.

Here are the contents of the four semester:

1st semester

  • Reducing the risk of disaster
  • Getting everyone on the same page
  • Planning a youth ministry event like a pro
  • Financing a youth ministry
  • Painless administration
  • Getting the message out

2nd semester

  • How to keep priorities top of mind
  • How to turn a youth “program” into a youth “ministry”
  • How to maximize your ministry calendar
  • How to avoid burn-out
  • How to spend your energy doing ministry rather than putting out fires

3rd semester

  • How to be a leader others respect
  • How to be a leader others trust
  • How to be a spiritual leader worth following
  • How to be a spiritual leader in the life of a young person
  • How to create opportunities for young people to commit themselves to others
  • How to create spaces and places where young people can hear from God

4th semester

  • How to multiply your impact
  • How to develop a leadership team
  • How to partner with parents
  • How to have an impact that continues after you leave
  • How to leave well